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Fall in-Service

Given the acceleration of COVID-19 cases in our county, it has been determined that our fall in-service will be conducted virtually. You will receive specific information concerning the offerings, times, links, etc. via email soon.

Meeting Room Reservations

Home Office Conference Room-Contact Zurhaya Hernandez at 214.275.1200 For meeting rooms on campuses-Make requests at If you do not have access to this program, contact Mr. Francis, For A+ Secondary rooms, you can also get reservation help from Ms. Byrd,

Professional Learning at A+ Charter Schools, Inc.


We are in the process of changing how Region 10 Credits (including face-to-face, virtual, and compliance) are documented in Eduphoria Strive:

Previous Method:

  1.      Staff member completes training.
  2.      Staff member competes a survey for Region 10.
  3.      Staff member creates a pdf of certificate.
  4.      Staff member creates an Eduphoria Strive credit request and attaches the PDF to the request.
  5.      One (or two if the request is for SpEd credit) administrators review the request and choose to grant or deny credit.

Problems with Previous Method:

  •      Some staff members forget to do the survey.
  •      Many staff members never get around to creating the credit requests and thus their portfolio does not reflect all of the credits they earned.
  •      Sometimes there is a significant delay between requesting and receiving credit.
  •      Altogether there are significant staff hours being spent on the process.

New Method:

  1.      Staff member completes training.
  2.      A report is sent from Region 10 to our home office.
  3.      All credits are uploaded to staff member’s portfolios.

Action needed:

  •      If you take any course through Region 10 (face-to-face, virtual, or compliance) do not submit a credit request in Eduphoria.
  •      If you are an administrator who approves credits, whenever you review a credit request with a Region 10 Certificate from 2019 or 2020 attached, Deny Credit with a message saying, “Credit for this course will be batch uploaded.” For requests from other locations, such as mini-cast, the Dana Center, University Credit, etc. you will still use the old method of reviewing and approving credits. The new procedures are only for Region 10 credits.


Where we are in the process:

  •      Step 1: All credits for calendar year 2019 (from 1/1-12/31) are being reviewed. Credits that were not already requested and approved, but that are on Region 10’s list are being uploaded. This is a slow process because there are thousands of workshops in multiple lists to review in order to be comprehensive and avoid duplicates.
  •      Step 2: All credits for the first half of 2020 (1/1-6/30) will be reviewed next. This will be a quicker process.
  •      Further steps: Future workshop uploads will occur on a monthly basis.