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Frequent Questions (FAQ's)

Your feedback will help us fully evaluate the possibilities of a 4 day academic calendar week, and provide helpful information and support to families if the plan moves forward.
We have provided frequent questions below for additional information. 

If you have any further questions, please contact our Director of Communications at 214.275.1234



What are the reasons for a 4-day school week?
The primary reasons are to boost student well-being; maintain strong student attendance; provide quality instruction for students; retain and attract quality teachers and staff; and give time back to students and staff to improve overall performance and quality of life.

With a 4-day school week, do students lose instructional time?
No. Texas measures instructional time by minutes rather than days. Students still attend the full 75,600 minutes required by the State of Texas without sacrificing any learning time for students.

Does a 4-day week shorten our holiday or breaks during the year?
No. There are no changes to existing breaks, including Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break.

Does a 4-day school week cause us to go to school later in the year?
No. We will still end the school year by Memorial Day weekend.

With a 4-day school week, what days are students out of school?
Under a 4-day school week, students attend school Monday-Thursday. Students are off most Fridays with a few exceptions that are identified on the school calendar.

How would a 4-day school week affect academic performance?
Schools who have moved to a 4-day school week have shown similar academic performance compared to a 5-day school week while improving the well-being of students and staff.
*Meanwhile, a 4-day school week would allow more time in the school calendar for targeted assistance for students throughout the school year.

How does a 4-day school week impact Dual Credit/Early College Credit?
Providing Fridays off avoids disruptions to Dual Credit classes. A+ Charter Schools, Inc. continues to partner with Dallas College for our Dual Credit courses.

With a 4-day school week, is tutoring available?
Tutoring will continue to be offered before and after each school day. Additionally, A+ Charter Schools, Inc. has scheduled one Friday each month for acceleration opportunities.

With a 4-day school week, are meals available on Fridays?
A+ Charter Schools, Inc. is exploring a solution for meals for families in need.

How does a 4-day school week affect extracurricular activities on Fridays (games, etc.)
All extracurricular activities proceed as normal.