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Student Device Repair Procedures

  1. If a student experiences a hardware issue (damage or malfunction), the student will notify their teacher.
  2. The Teacher will Notify their campus administrator
  3. The campus administrator will arrange a swap via the food delivery line.
  4. The student or Parent will bring the defective device and swap it for a replacement during food service times and at the campus the student normally attends.
  5. Staff making swap will fill out the Device Breakage Form and place it with the defective device. Staff will also give replacement devices to Student or Parent.
  6. Campus Administration notifies Technology Department of broken device.
  7. Technology repairs broken device and places it back into the bin of replacement devices.

       Other Technology Help

  1. The Student should notify their Teacher of the exact problem they are having.
  2. The Teacher should assist if possible. (ie. try logging in as the student to verify)
  3. If the Teacher is unable to assist. The Teacher puts a Work Order in Eduphoria (including a contact phone number).
  4. Technology will then assist with the issue (either by working with the Teacher, Student or Parent)