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Our History

 A+ Charter Schools, Inc. : Our History

Don and Karen Belknap founded A+ Charter Schools, Inc. and the two charter school districts it currently operates:

A+ Academy, and Inspired Vision Academy. 

Each school district houses an elementary school (grades PK-6), and a secondary school (grades 7-12).  


With the help of several members of their family, the Belknaps began the schools as a means to improve the lives of the children in Southeast Dallas.  


The first school was established in 1998 as Rylie Academy, and in the year 2000 became known as A+ Academy.

Over the next few years they worked to establish the other four schools: 

A+  Academy Secondary, A+ Academy Elementary, Inspired Vision Academy Elementary, and Inspired Vision Academy Secondary.


Mrs. Belknap continues to be involved in the schools as 'Director Emeritus' on the Board of Directors and is an active participant in school activities.

Two of her children continue to provide leadership within the organization, and many of the original employees continue to be involved in meaningful ways. 

Our Vision: 

The mission of A+ Charter Schools, Inc. is to develop students with integrity who are aware of their potential and able to obtain high goals through innovative educational programs.


Our Mission:

A+ Charter Schools, Inc.

Empowering . . . Modeling . . . Impacting