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2023/2024 Intent to Return Students


New Student Application 

English: 2023-2024 New Student Application
Espanol: 2023-2024 New Student Application





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New Student Lottery Seats
Seats available for A+ Academy Schools

A+ Charter Schools, Inc.: Our Impact

Led by Innovation. Strengthened by Tradition.

A+ Charter Schools were founded in 1998 with the purpose of enabling positive change and empowerment through educational choice, for low-income and educationally underserved families in Southeast Dallas and Pleasant Grove. 

By establishing public, tuition-free charter schools, the families in our community have gained a significant amount of educational control, empowering them to demand the best out of educational institutions. The presence of our schools have also given residents of this community a strong partner in providing students with the tools to succeed, as well as opportunities to express their creativity and intellectual curiosity in a safe and structured academic environment.   

A+ Charter Schools meet the needs of the community the most with the significant impact made on our students. We provide an individualized education that is rigorous, that balances innovation with tradition, and is set in a safe, family-like environment, to fuel our mission of providing every child a well-rounded education, and a lifelong knowledge that will help them become successful self-sufficient adults.