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Campus Safety & Security Information

General Campus Safety and Security Information:  

In an emergency, it is critical that parents know where to get accurate information. The A+ Charter Schools will as soon as possible dissimilate information to parents and guardians via our standard school-to-student/parent communication tool and or via social media.   


During a critical incident, our district strives to provide fast and frequent information to our parents and families. Please do not rush to the school. Wait for information from the school as to how to pick up your student.  

School Safety Resources 

The safety of students and staff is a primary concern of the A + Charter Schools, Inc. We believe that parents, students, teachers, administrators, and support staff members all have roles in keeping our schools safe.  


While we cannot share all the exact details of our security plans, we wanted to share a few measures already in place: 

  • All schools have security, safety, and crisis plans in place. 
  • Campus crisis plans are within the scope of national best practices.  
  • All campuses have school resource officers as well as campus monitors. The officers handle all law enforcement matters that occur within the school. Officers act as mentors, mediators, teachers, police officers, friends, and confidants to the students. 
  • All exterior doors to all schools are kept locked.  
  • All classroom doors are kept locked during school hours. 
  • Video surveillance systems are in place to record activities in school hallways, common areas, and a lot of our exterior campus grounds.  
  • Dress codes and behavior codes are enforced. 
  • Mental Health services are available daily from school counselors.  Students are required to display their school-issued identification card on their outer clothing and be clearly visible while on campus.    
  • All visitors are required to check into the main office. All visitors must display valid identification to office staff and it will be verified against the district’s visitor management system for access or pick-up approval. 
  • In the advent of a campus emergency the district will send out information via notification outlets such as telephone calls, email, text messages, or social media. The message will be timely and update parents and guardians on procedures on how and where to pick up their students.  


The following are a few things we encourage visitors to do or not do while at school: 

Things you should DO: 

  • Have a valid form of identification. 
  • Check into the front office every time you visit.  
  • Always wear your Visitor ID tag while on campus. 
  • Report any suspicious activity. 
  • Report anyone you see walking around campus without an A+ Employee badge or visitor badge to the front office. 
  • Follow the campus emergency procedures and staff directions. 
  • Talk to your children about personal safety and security. 

    Things NOT to do: 
  • DO NOT expect staff to allow you access without presenting valid identification at the front office every time you are on campus.  Even if staff knows you, they are required to scan your identification card every time you arrive at school. 
  • DO NOT allow anyone to piggyback into secured areas of our schools. Remember, safety first, it is not discourteous to refuse to violate security practices.  
  • DO NOT encourage or ask students or staff to let you into secured areas of our schools. 
  • DO NOT – prop doors open behind you.