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Special Education

Welcome to  A+ Charter Schools, Inc. Special Populations!


The Special Populations Department supports programs such as Dyslexia, Special Education and 504, within A+ Charter Schools. 

Special Populations A+ Charter Schools, Inc. provides appropriate educational opportunities for students with disabilities. By individualizing services in accordance with each eligible student's needs, students are prepared to pursue life-long learning and to become contributing members of the community.  At A+ Charter Schools, Inc., we believe that all children have the capacity to learn, and each one is entitled to educational opportunities consistent with their ability to learn. There are numerous programs available for children with disabilities from birth through age twenty-one. Our five-campus charter is comprised of dedicated professionals, and in collaboration, with the support of our parents and community, we can make great strides in education.

ms robin face

Robin Merrill 

Director of Special Populations

(214) 275-1200

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April White

Special Populations Exec. Administrative Assistant

(214) 275-1200

Ms Stello face

Christina Stello

District Special Education/504 Coordinator

(214) 275-1200



It is the policy of A+ Charter Schools, Inc., open-enrollment charter school to ensure that all student with disabilities enrolled in the charter school or who contact the charter school regarding enrollment, regardless of the severity of their disability, and who are in need of special education and related services, are identified, located, and evaluated. (34 CFR §300.111)

Each child's individual need(s) will be addressed on an individualized basis by a team consisting of district/campus, parent(s) or guardian, a person who can interpret evaluation, teacher(s), and the student (if appropriate)/ The team will review evaluation information, discuss eligibility, identify area(s) of need for specialized instruction, including related services and develop a plan to fit the needs of the child. 

Enrolled Children: Referrals for special education evaluations may originate from the parent, guardians, and/or teachers. For students who are enrolled in A+ Charter Schools: Parents should contact the appropriate grade-level campus where their child is enrolled.

Preschool-Aged Children: If a preschool-aged child is not enrolled in A+ Charter Schools, the parent/guardian should contact the Special Education Department at 214-275-1200

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