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Accountability/Legal Postings » Pre-K Family Engagement Plan

Pre-K Family Engagement Plan

A+ Charter Schools, Inc.

Pre-K Family Engagement Plan

Family engagement is the mutual responsibility of families, schools, and communities to build relationships to support student learning and achievement, support family well-being, and the continuous learning and development of children, families, and educators.  Family engagement is fully integrated in the child’s educational experience and is both culturally and linguistically appropriate as defined in Texas Administrative Code §102.1003.

A+ Charter Schools, Inc. is committed to working with our families and community to provide a high quality educational experience to every student. We believe that by supporting and involving families in our educational process, we can positively impact not only our campuses but the community around us. This Pre-K Family Engagement Plan articulates the goals and strategies that are utilized to accomplish this mission.


Family Engagement Goals

  1. Facilitate family to family support- A+ Charter Schools, Inc. invites families to participate in the educational experience and learn from each other through the following events:


Parent orientation, Back to School and Meet the Teacher events

PTO meetings

Literacy/ Science/ Math nights

Student performances such as Winter Wonderland and Cinco de Mayo

Parent volunteer opportunities including class field trips, celebrations, after school clubs and field day

Parent meetings such as coffee with the principal and donuts with dads

Scholastic Book Fair Fall and Spring nights

Parent ESL classes and Latino Literacy programs

Nutrition classes


  1. Establish a network of community resources- A+ Charter Schools, Inc. provides support to our students and their families through strategic partnerships with the following business, faith-based and community agencies:


Pleasant Grove Library provides summer reading program, read alouds, story time, field trips

Pleasant Grove Kiwanis club provides college scholarships, Jerry’s dream camp scholarships

Southeast Dallas Chamber of Commerce provides college scholarships

Region 10 Service Center Counseling Cooperative provides counseling support in crisis

Care Center ministries provide an after school program

Salvation Army provides an after school program

Inspired Vision Compassion Center provides food assistance, household items, holiday gift assistance, Prom store, snacks and teacher gifts

Walk to Destiny provides new shoes for students

Operation Care provides holiday gift assistance, shoes and glasses  

Lion’s Club provides vision checks and glasses


  1. Increase family participation in decision making- A+ Charter Schools, Inc. provides opportunities for parents to be involved and have a voice through the following programs:

PTO meetings

Parent orientation, Back to School and Meet the Teacher events

Parent-Teacher conferences

Campus Based Committee participation

District Committee participation

Parent surveys

Class Dojo

Social Media

Daily Communication Journals

School Messenger

Phone Calls/ Email

Campus visits and volunteers in classrooms

ARD and LPAC parent participation

Parent Portal access


  1. Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning- A+ Charter Schools, Inc. equips families to positively impact their child’s learning through the following:


Literacy, Math and Science nights include strategies for creating a learning environment in your own home

Students are provided with access to digital learning tools at home

Latino Literacy teaches parents to read with their kids and provides books for families to check out

Parent conferences provide times for teachers to share ideas with parents

Class Dojo provides a way for increased communication between teacher and parents to allow for increased support of learning


  1. Develop staff skills in evidence-based practices that support families in meeting their children’s benchmarks

Pre-Kindergarten teachers attend training through region 10 including the Pre-kindergarten Academy

District professional development includes strategies on supporting families, effective communication, creating culturally relevant and responsive experiences for diverse populations

Campuses provide translation support in person and in communication technology to communicate in the native language of the family


  1. Evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous improvement

PTO meetings, Coffee with the Principal, Donuts with Dads provides an opportunity to solicit feedback from parents

Parent surveys are utilized to solicit feedback from families

Parent sign-in sheets are kept to evaluate the level of participation in school events

Communication logs reflect the level of communication between the school and families

Class Dojo reflects the level of communication between the school and families

The High Quality Checklist and the High Quality Pre-Kindergarten self-assessment instrument will allow evaluation of program areas

An end of the year evaluation program evaluation will utilize all the sources of data and allow modifications as needed to the family engagement strategies