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Training Credit


For many years, we have allowed staff members to upload credits into Eduphoria Strive in order to keep everything in one place and to make a backup or alternative to keeping up with a lot of paper certificates. But not all credits are handled the same way. Follow the decision tree below to get your credits into Eduphoria.

1. Is the training one that was created/provided within our district? If yes, then the creator of that training is responsible to make sure that all attendees receive credit. All you have to do is attend the session and sign the Eduphoria sign-in sheet. Credit will be automatically stored for you in Strive. If no, go to question 2.

2. Was the training provided by Region 10 either face to face or online (such as most of the compliance courses). If yes, you are in luck. In the past, you would have had to make a credit request for each one of the sessions and then wait for someone on your campus or at the home office to review the request and grant your credit. That is no longer necessary for any Region 10 training. Someone on the professional learning team will upload these credits for you once a month.  If no, go to number 3.

3. For any training that you want to store in Strive, that was not district-provided nor Region 10-provided (for example a conference you attend or a college course you take), you will need to create a credit request and attach a pdf of of the original certificate. Then, someone on your campus (usually a dean of instruction or a vice principal) or someone at the home office will view your request and either approve or reject it. Instructions for how to do this can be found at


Even though Region 10 credits are now automatic, there is a way that you can help. If you are using an email in your Region 10 account other than your email, you should consider changing it so that when Region 10 sends us the report of all training sessions attended by our staff, they will find you. The account email is one of the ways that they know whose credits to send to us. If you need help with this, contact customer support at Region 10. but it is pretty easy to change this and you can change it again later if you need to.