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GT Training


To get your 30-hour training for Gifted and Talented, login to Region 10, select Workshop Registration and search for GT. The training that you need will start with GT & Advanced Academics: Foundations.

To do the annual 6-hour update, do the same search. You are then looking for anything that starts with GT & Advanced Academics, but does not include the word Foundations. There are other courses that can be counted at the discretion of the school district. An example might be the Socratic Questioning for Differentiation course in the search example shown to the right.

To get more information about Advanced Academics, go to the Region 10 web page, select programs, and search for Advanced Academics. Once you are on that page look to the right. They keep a list of upcoming workshops. They also have a list of their consultants with phone numbers and an email link. Also, below that, they have a link that you can use to join the Advanced Academics Listserve.