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Compliance Training


The required training list for 2020-2021 is attached to this page. It can be printed out or saved electronically and used as your personal checklist. Keep in mind that this resource will list minimum attendance requirements. It is OK for you as an individual to take courses more often than required if you see a need based on your current job description or to refresh your memory about a concept. It is also possible that the district may increase the requirement for a particular training if a district-wide need is identified. Such changes will be posted on this page.

There have been changes to the way Region 10 handles online compliance training. Since July 1, 2019, they have begun using a platform called My Professional Learning. By September 1, 2019, all of their online professional learning will use this system. This new system replaces their old Online Learning Center. The system is linked from their website or you can access it here: You will have to log in to this system using the same login that you used in their old system.

Also note that for any training that you do with Region 10, whether face-to-face or online, you do not need to print certificates or upload and request credit in Eduphoria. The Professional Learning Department will access your attendance data from Region 10 and upload the credits for you.