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Student Spotlight

Osvaldo Romo is an outstanding 9th grade student at A+ Academy Secondary, and we don’t say that lightly! What we mean is, Osvaldo was recently seen walking down the hallway at school, when he noticed a piece of trash on the floor. Did it belong to Osvaldo? Did he drop the trash on the floor? Did someone ask him to pick it up? Nope! He just did it. When asked why, Osvaldo responded, “I like my school to look clean and nice. I take pride in my school. We are getting all these new computers and Chromebooks and people need to take care of their things.”

Osvaldo is involved in Theater, Football, Soccer, and Dance, but his main passion lies with sports due to the physical activity, and the family-like environment of the football team at A+.
He goes on to say, “It helps you when you grow up because it teaches you to work hard for something. You don’t just get a job because you want it, you have to work hard for it.”

Osvaldo hopes to attend college on a football scholarship and major in business at Texas Tech or TCU.

We’re proud of you Osvaldo. Thanks for being such a great example!